• Business Online Banking & Bill Pay

    Manage multiple accounts, pay bills, and more — from anywhere you have internet.


  • ACH & Wire Services

    ACH & Wire Services

    Cut costs, time, and waste. Set up payroll direct deposits, make electronic payments, consolidate funds across banks, and more!


  • Remote Deposit Capture

    Remote Deposit Capture

    Quickly and easily deposit checks at your desk using our secure remote deposit software.


  • Positive Pay

    Positive Pay

    Checks are verified in real-time. So you can cash checks with confidence and weed out fraudulent activity.


  • Merchant Card Services

    Merchant Card Services

    Cash in on more customers by processing all major credit cards and debit cards.


  • Sweeps

    Maximize your revenue by putting excess funds to work overnight. Or, use a sweep account to pay down your line of credit.


  • Zero Balance Accounts

    Simplify your account and bookkeeping for multiple accounts. ZBAs are so easy, they practically balance themselves.


  • Re$ubmitIt

    EVB has partnered with Re$ubmitIt to provide a FREE electronic check collection service.